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The Feds are Spending $40 Billlion a Month to Help You Grow Your Business!

In Credit 101 on September 13, 2012 at 11:27 pm

Lace up your shoes and Start The Car!

Wow a $40 Billion dollar a month Stimulus.  Talk about being a cougar/sugar daddy/sugar momma!  The Federal Reserve means BUSINESS big Business ! That’s right, their launch of an aggressive stimulus in which The Federal Reserve will purchase $40 Billion a month on mortgage back- debt only in the hopes of growing employment and lending markets.  They will continue to invest and keep rates down until there is a steady growth in the employment sector or  until 2015.  Bernanke states that they have no plan to pull interest rates up when the economy starts an incline.

Why?  Well the mortgage industry obviously has a major influence on the growth of our economy.  Therefore, the Feds plan is to push mortgage rates even lower thus making it cheaper to borrow money.  With lower interest rates, lenders should loosen the belt on the mortgage and lending markets.

When lenders start lending Small Businesses are the FIRST to get their fair share of the pie…But will you be apart of it?

How Does This Affect You?  Small Businesses produce more jobs at a faster rate than large scale corporations.  Therefore, the feds have now realized that small -mid sized businesses can’t grow unless they have access to cash, capital & credit.  SO THEY ARE GIVING IT TO YOU……  The cost to borrow money will be cheaper which means you can borrow more for less.  So, now is the time to start that business you keep thinking about or expand your current business.

This is the best time to start your business even if it’s part time!  Entrepreneurs will benefit the most from this $40 Billion a month stimulus.

What Funding Options Are Available Now? Although the credit market seems to be tight now, there are alternative funding options available for entrepreneurs such as : revenue based financing, equipment leasing, purchase order funding, Factoring, business credit cards & more.

Think of  The Federal Reserve as your silent investor/shareholder.  They have the Cash, Capital & Credit and you have the idea.  Use their capital & credit to make you some CASH!

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Did You Know Your Credit Will Affect What You Pay For Auto Insurance?

In Credit 101 on June 16, 2012 at 11:50 am

Did you know how much you pay for auto insurance is based on your credit? Most people are shocked when they hear that auto insurers use credit scores in the course of deciding whether to cover drivers and what premium they should be charged. If you are like most people, it could be difficult to see the connection.

Why should you have to pay a higher rate for your car insurance because you had unpaid bills or some other financial problems. Some customers who had never had an accident or violation were faced with sharply raised premiums when their renewal notices arrived.

In fact, auto insurers are passionate in their belief that credit scores are one of the best predictors of future claims.

According to the American Insurance Association, here are some of the kinds of data from credit reports that are of most interest to insurers
1.   Payment history (any late payments?)
2.   Bankruptcies
3.   Collections
4.   Credit history
5.   Amount of outstanding debt
6.   New applications for credit

Solution? Know what is in your credit report. It is a good idea to run your credit regularly and monitor for any inaccuracies. For more information on how credit affects you, visit

A Personal Bookkeeper for $40 a Month that Tracks Expenses & Pays Your Bills….

In Credit 101 on June 16, 2012 at 11:20 am

Wow, So for all of you financially lazy or too busy to budget my checkbook folks, here is the solution for you!  Aimed at small business owners, this software integrated with a live personal bookkeeper will balance your books, track expenses and pay your bills.  They also have the capability of printing checks to pay your bills and send you automatic alerts for transactions, balances etc.

This is a great tool to keep or start your finances on a better track.  Consumers can utilize this as well.

Now this is a GREAT solution, however that is a lot of control to give someone over your finances. You may want to just test it out for a few months before fully committing.

Yet, if your head over your heels in debt , but still have incoming income this may be what you need to get things back in order.

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